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Our Story

Mitten Gourmet is a family owned small business established in 2018. Our family loves the feeling of having fresh homemade things in our everyday lives. We want to provide the same feeling to you and your family. 

That being said, all of our products are hand made in Michigan using high quality ingredients. We strive to be as natural as possible when creating our recipes. Our product line includes many products from Craft Syrups and flavor Infused Olive Oils to Seasoned Popcorn and Pork Rinds. Plus, we are always adding fun new products to our catalogue, based on our customers interests. Your input is always encouraged! We look forward to hearing from you because after all you are part of our family too. 

The moral of our story is simple, everything we create is small batch and handcrafted, with the goal of providing you with tasteful products that are made fresh to order.